A Million Images IV


A Million Images IV / 420mm X 594mm 220gsm / 3 Colour Screenprint & monoprint  / Limited Edition 1 of 1 / Signed & Numbered



A Million Images IV | Limited edition screen print

The British library have taken the unexpected step of releasing a million Images on flicker.

The collection included images of book illustrations, diagrams and maps as well as thousands of decretive elements such as borders and illuminated letters. Each image is tagged by years of publication, library book code indicating the source, and, where relevant, the author of the publication. Through the printing process I explore architectural images.

This 3 colour hand pulled screen prints is approximately 420mm X 594mm, printed on 220gsm acid free paper.

this print is signed and number in pencil, printed in a limited edition run of 1.

This original artwork is copyright Angus Vasili 2016. Copyright is not transferable with the sale of this print. The buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.